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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Sunday / 24.7.11

reached Ipoh around 3pm. agenda of the night was Mummy's Rotary Installation event in Syuen Hotel. prettied up, wore sensible heels and off we went to the event. had to be on stage to help Mummy hold trays and pass presents and bouquets since she had to be part of the installation and couldn't be two people at the same time. all in all, it was good. no embarrassing moments where i tripped or anything like that; all thanks to my pair of sensible heels! :D

one thing i noticed that night was how wonderful it is to be acknowledged and thanked for the work you've done even though its really minor stuff. the president and just various ppl came up to me to shake my hands and thank me for helping out on the stage which felt really good! ^^ i think i understand a little now why they are successful people. 

Monday / 25.7.11

food happened. :D its not exactly awesome famous Ipoh food but i feel its hard to get food like this in KL. or maybe its just the familiarity that strikes me. whatever it is, i had a good dinner of very unhealthy for my throat food; sate, fried chicken, chee cheong fun.

and for dessert/supper, *drum roll* DURIANS! ^^

 Tuesday / 26.7.11

i was recruited by my mum to model for her spa training. there was a lady who came down from KL to train the therapists on how to use the products to do facials and massage. so i had to be the guinea pig although of course, really i was the one getting all the benefits. hehhehe. but i did have 5 pairs of pairs touching my face and upper chest/shoulder area and having to lie down for 4 hours straight. :/

 my face was all shiny and clean after the facial. (:

for dinner, we headed over to Brewster's for some Western food. one of it was pork knuckles? leg? foot? lol. whichever it was, it was delicious.

pork knuckles? leg? foot?

after dinner, i went to my grandaunt's place to steal her tv. :D explanations for that later kay. then i went to XXX's house and discovered the most fascinating gadget ever. it was a curved wooden thing with a hole in the middle. my mum took it out and asked me how to use it to hold a bottle of wine. i tried to fit it in various positions but to no avail. i was given two clues: 1. the wine bottle doesn't touch the floor and 2. it defies gravity. i couldn't figure it out and finally, pitying me, i was shown how it works (as shown in picture below). i stared at it for a few good minutes, in some sort of awe. its an ingenious invention in its simplest form.

the amazing wine holder.

yea, okay. i sound like i'm losing my mind but that wooden thing, so simple yet its use so profound astounded me. keke.

and i shall end with:

my fortune cookie message.

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