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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
 to continue where i left off, my mum took me to Mokuren again for lunch this time. now, although only being there twice so far, i'd really recommend it to any Japanese food lover. you can see by the Japanese people that are always frequenting this tiny place which means the food here must be really good. (: and it is. with reasonable portions and prices too!

My set lunch @ Mokuren
Mummy's set lunch @ Mokuren
and over the weekend, i came into new acquisition of not one but two new pair of shoes. yes, i'm a very happy girl now. *beams*

my favorite color!

flippity-flop! ^^

uni life is as usual; busy and taxing. will update more soon. (:

take care and God bless!

you're the sweetest, i hope you know.

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