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Thursday, May 19, 2011
 Mid sem break was supposed to start earlier if it wasn't for my Community Mental Health assignment which was to organise a workshop and yippie yay, it was a workshop on STDs.

 thankfully, the workshop went on smoothly and the only interruption that happened was during my part of the presentation. but i got through the kids' interrogations quite alright and at the end of the workshop, we had a short game and the students and my group departed from the lab with much relief although for different reasons.

taken during the Alphabet Race game.

could have gone home right after the workshop but had to stay back to finish off the experiment for my Social Psy assignment. after much fretting, Andrea and I went up to the cafeteria and it took a while to gather the courage but Andrea did and we managed to snag ourselves 4 guys to complete the experiment quota. ^^

finally, i headed off to board my bus back to home sweet home Ipoh. had to wait 45 minutes while getting sprinkled from the pouring rain for the bus to arrive. reached Ipoh safely at about 9pm (the bus was scheduled to leave at 5.30pm!) and another grateful thank you to God for His protection since we passed by three car accidents on the highway; one had a car that flipped over.

caught a midnight movie and watched Priest. it felt like a really short movie; it was action-packed and i believe its some kind of a new marketing strategy to draw in more viewers by promising a sequel after the movie. something like Fast 5 where obviously there will be a sequel. for RM13, the movie wasn't that worth the money spent.

met up with Thanush and Jenny in Parade seeing that its their sem break and they're in Ipoh. had dinner and a bowling session with them. we caught up a lil and gossiped a lil. i even bumped into Calvin during dinner and had a nice lil chat with him. i really missed him. he was a really good friend to me in ACS. (:

already mid-week and i haven't touched a single thing related to the quiz and the assignment due the week i go back to uni. oh dear, better get started. 

have a good Thursday, Friday and weekend everyone! 

would you hold it against me?

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