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Friday, April 22, 2011

introducing the new addition to my apartment. A kitten found left at the side of the road is now sleeping in a box in my housemate's room! :D its a cute naughty little thing but i'm sorta allergic to it. D: nevertheless, we're planning on keeping it as least till its grown up. she's such a dear though. ^^

and the picture below was taken when i went to Ipoh last week with Andrea and we visited the petting zoo. i forgot the name of the snake on my hand but it likes to curl around your hand and its semi-venomous. then, i found that out that Nia has passed away. felt really sad about it. she was a beauty.

this was just a random short update. one assignment has been handed up today. many more to go. have a great Easter weekend, everyone!

tonight, such a beautiful night.

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