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Wednesday, April 20, 2011
well, i'll start off the post with a sad farewell to my beloved hamster that has been with me for around 2 years. Sesame Junior shortened to Junior, who I first bought to cure my other hamster's (Mango) loneliness but that didn't really work out because hamsters are solitary animals. this little thing who was more unaccustomed to her new surrounding compared to my previous hamsters and had me worried with her constant sneezing the first few weeks i brought her home. she was slightly hostile towards me at the beginning but as i had to feed her medicine everyday, we formed a special bond between us. after Mango passed away, Junior moved into her cage and i moved her down to KL recently since no one could take care of her back home in Ipoh.

she was already ill and i'll admit i kind of hoped she'll pass away sooner because then, she wouldn't be another responsibility i have to look after. what a horrible person i am. now, i miss the noises she makes at night. now, my room is just too quiet. now, I've got nothing to love and love me back in return. ):

to my dearest Junior, I'm sorry you couldn't be properly buried. I'm sorry you had to go the way you did. I'll miss you.

on a different note, I've changed the layout of my blog again. i still don't have internet connection in my apartment and i have cooked two dinner for myself so far. :D

and these are the dresses i stole from home the last time i went back. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

gonna be going for the Easter service in CHC tmr! i foresee a great weekend ahead. (:

God bless and Happy Good Friday & Easter, everyone!

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