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Friday, April 08, 2011

idk, i just like it if my post has some sort of graphics to it instead of just words (referring to why GD's pouting face is up there). heeeh.

lets see. exciting things that has happened in the past week.

well, i went to work during the weekend. now, that was exciting and not to mention, tiring, exhausting, scary at times and have i mentioned exhausting? mainly because my job as a blueberry promoter was located in Pavilion and that's pretty far away from where I am now. thankfully, Siew Chien dropped me off the first day and i got over my fear of talking to random strangers and started talking to random strangers! technically, all i did was hold a plate of blueberries and ask everyone who walked pass me to try them and then horribly persuade them to buy the blueberries. sales was pretty good on Saturday but dropped a little on Sunday.

what made my work easier was the fact that most of the customers in Mercato supermarket are foreigners thus making it easier for me to converse and sell my berries. i believe i've seen nearly every eye colour there is in humans while i was there. the kids that came along were super adorable! there was one boy that just kept staring at me to the point that i actually felt uncomfortable. :/

i was quite used to the standing that i had to do for 8 hours each day since i have done a similar job when i was in Singapore but what made it unbearable was that i had to wear my boots which have about 1 or 2 inches of heel and that really hurt! after i limped back home on Sunday night and plopped down on the floor, i couldn't even get up to take my bath.

yup, that ends my weekend. the pay is good, so all in all, the suffering was worthwhile. :D even saved money on lunch on Sunday because a new friend made when i was working paid for my McD lunch. ^^

semester has been progressing in a manner i would call slow-enough-to-breathe-but-fast-enough-to-start-panicking. so ya, i have an assignment that's due in 2 weeks. gonna be heading back to Ipoh next week with Andrea to do the job analysis for our IO course.

really glad that the weekends are packed for me this whole month or i'll be sitting dumbly in my room reading journals after journals. heading to Penang tomorrow to accompany my mum during her Rotary conference thingy. back to Ipoh the next week and the last week of April will be dedicated to Easter!

that's about all the updates i have for now. might blog about Penang later on.

take care and God bless!

in every situation, i know
my God is greater
my God is over all

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