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Friday, March 25, 2011

wow, i just realised how little i've blogged since this year began. i apologise for the lack of enthusiasm but it really depends on whether or not i've been going places and doing things that are not uni-centered or kpop related. heh. i'll try to make up for it with this post since i have been going places and doing things during this sem break. (:

lets see. sem break started the moment our Motivation & Emotion paper ended. :D it was a horrible paper but lets not focus on that. after crossing a few hurdles, my classmates and I got ourselves to Penang for a trip. since Alice is a Penangnite, we stayed over at her sister's house and toured around Penang for a few days.

headed up to the Kek Lok Si temple, ate the famous cendol, shopped a little but the highlight would be the drive. since we had to get around Penang on our own, Andrea volunteered to drive Alice's manual-geared Wira. the first day was exhilarating seeing we caused some sort of road blockage going up a hill and failing. finally this nice guy came and drove our car to the corner so that there will no longer be a queue of cars behind us. the experience was horrifying but hopefully an enriching contribution to Andrea's driving experience. there were several other driving mishaps along the way but Andrea got the hang of it pretty soon using our amazing psychological skills (LOL) and we were cruising the roads of Penang like we were in Miri. :DD

the pictures are still stuck in my camera because i forgot to bring my cable along with me. it'll be up on facebook when i get back to KL. (:

during the holidays, i've gotten sun tanned, had Penang's laksa and cendol, watched most of the movies playing in the cinemas right now and gotten a slight fix for my durians. also had a very nice Japanese dinner, got sick somewhere in between all these and even met up with old friends. all in all, i've spent these holidays pretty well. only a few more days to go till i start my 3rd sem of my 1st year and its gonna be hectic!

till the pictures can be accessed, see ya!
take care!

p.s Chareessa, see you soon! (:

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