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a trip to the countryside.
Thursday, January 13, 2011
since we had a free two days one night stay in Felda Hotsprings, we decided to make good use of it. headed there on Tuesday morning, not a very long ride, about an hour if you're driving leisurely. however, the road seemed never-ending. finally, we saw the sign that welcomed us!

our villa got upgraded to a bigger one since there were three of us. it was a real pretty place, the surrounding was serene and the villa was well-furnished. we even had our very own jacuzzi pool outside. ^^

not wanting to waste any time, we headed to the pool. that big giant rock behind us used to be an enormous purple octopus before the renovation. :D it was quite fun since the whole pool belonged to only me and Jill. no one else were there. after a few rounds on the slide, we went over to the hotsprings.

there weren't many people around, in fact i can count them on ten fingers. since it wasn't crowded, we were able to enjoy better. didn't stay very long there though.

and that was our whole day. kinda. went back, took a nap, had dinner in the Coffee House and went back home to watch tv. :D

the next day, i drove all the way home from Sungkai! received some lessons on highway driving from my mum. heeh.

will be heading to Perlis sooooon!

take care, everyone!

a thousand words.

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