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Thursday, December 02, 2010

people leaving. 왜?

Serene, Rachel, Raymond, i'm gonna miss you guys!

okay, moving on. :D

i was late for my exam today. DD: exam started at 9. i woke up at 9. my first time ever and definitely my last! it was a traumatizing moment. thankfully i got in. plus i had to run up four floors to get to my exam hall. never again!

other than that, this friday's my last day of exam. i can't believe i've been here for a semester. God has been real good to me, that's for sure. will be heading back to Ipoh this Saturday and meeting up with everyone. i miss Ipoh soo much and its food too! HEEH.

seems like the holidays will be packed for me. i like! (:

its goodnight and take care for now. i need to score my Intro to Psy.

God bless! and HAPPY HOLS!

straight into your arms.

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