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Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Tuesday: lunch in Kong Heng which is in old town. headed over to Kavitha's house to hang out. ended up watching Social Network which might have been less boring if i was paying attention to it. had a small plate of rice and chicken curry while i was there. YUM! now i just need to fulfill my craving for Stadium's wantan mee and i'm done! Jia Wei, PQ and Yian Fong left after a while. Michi, Jenny and I stayed on for another half an hour more.

the three of us had dinner in Michelangelo's; pizza was the menu for the night.

picture taken while we were waiting for our seats. were reunited with Jia Wei, PQ and Yian Fong minus Michi later that night for a midnight show of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. not a bad movie. (:

Wednesday: woke up early to drop Jill in school before heading over for breakfast. the only breakfast i'll wake up early for is of course none other than dim sum. met up with my uncle and his family who dropped by Ipoh on their way to Genting Highlands.

the day continues with some new clothes, a facial, a haircut and also a rather painful experience which i will not elaborate on. :D finally had dinner in Marpoh before we headed home for the day. was granted around half an hour of driving time from my mum for me to practice my parking skills. LOL. the people in the basketball court must have thought the person in the red car is going crazy. the day ended with me hitting the sack at 9.

will be going back to KL tmr! :DD

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