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Monday, December 20, 2010
oh wait. i'm a week early. who cares?


i don't know if you've realized but i haven't been in the blogging world for 12 days! that's nearly two weeks which is a lot if i might add, seeing that it is the holidays now. (:

continuing on from the previous post, i went down to KL with my mum and sis. there was this Beauty, Spa & Wellness Carnival in Mid Valley that my mum needed to go to. attended several talks with her as well. one thing i learned from one of the talk apart from aura, how energy affect emotions and kitchen ingredients as DIY spa treatment is : if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. now, this is powerful if you understand what it means. (:

mum and sis left on Sunday and i stayed on. had a wonderful week after that. had dinner with E7 and an hour in Meeples on Monday. dropped by to Aquaria which was a waste of money D: but not a waste of time. (: watched a few movies and did a little Christmas shopping.

it was also production week in church, part of the reason i stayed on in KL. it was a pretty good play. (:

on Sunday, after watching Pins & Needles for the third time, this time with my stepmum in the morning, we headed off to First Baptist Church to watch Humbug!, a production from US. the storyline wasn't bad and we went in for free. heeeh. it wasn't supposed to be free.

had dinner in Delicious in 1Utama. great dinner thanks to Aunty Grace.

and today, we attempted some sort of Christmas shopping but kinda failed. got myself two tank tops from F.O.S though. LOL.

purple top twins for the day! and wearing our Christmas presents (shoes) too! :D

can't wait for Christmas and the new year!
take care everyone. the weather's been cold lately.

and sway to the rhythm of love.

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