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Monday, December 06, 2010
been back to Ipoh since Friday!
and what did i do the day i reached home?
clean the toilet and Junior's cage. -.-

had a great time on Sunday. went to hang out with Michi, Rachel, Jenny, Ju Dee, Thanush and Kavitha, was in Parade for a while and made quite a bit of noise with all our sharing and laughing. headed over to David's Diner for lunch after that. continued on with our gossiping. and hanged out at Thanush's house after for more catching up. :D overall, it was a great day spent with them. will definitely miss them when all of us go our separate ways again.

already in the Christmas spirit. ^^

took Junior to the vet today. thankfully, she's not sick, just need to take 5 days of antibiotic for that lump on her leg.

will be doing more stuff/going out in the coming days. will be heading back down to KL this coming Friday too. sigh. seems like there's so little time for all the things i want to do.

take care everyone!

i'd die for you, baby. would you do the same?

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