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Monday, November 01, 2010
the past week has been eventful and that's just mildly saying it. but all in all, its been a good week.

i had a test for Eng for Psy on Thursday, a quiz for Stats on Friday, mum came down with Jill on Friday, three church services with Ps Phil Pringle and met up with Jenny, Kavitha, Beh and Weng Kit yesterday!

its never ceases to amaze me how time and distance really don't kill our friendship. i think in a way, it makes us closer. (:

on another note, Ps Phil's sermons were AWESOME. all centered around faith which to me was very important. ever since i accepted Christ, faith has always been something that i had trouble with. i went for all three services, so yea, i learned a LOT. praise God for such an amazing man. and he was so hilarious while preaching and when he had an altar call before he even started preaching, now that was an eye-opener. really cool!

two things which struck me the most.
1. Trials are compliments from God. He doesn't approve a trial unless He knows that you can get through it.
2. God is for you, not against you. He will give you what you want if you tell Him what you want. you know how we want what God wants because we know what He wants is most probably the right one? well, sometimes it could be the other way around too. (:

that should be about it. i'mma get back to my assignment now.


lets go fishing!

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