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Tuesday, October 05, 2010
the weekend has been hectic and the few days before it too. Psychology Club had a Social Gathering on Thursday. had dinner in Frames. although it was to welcome my batch, only me and Andrea went. +__+ but it was fun and we met loads of our seniors. :D

taken with Dr Alia, my lecturer for Intro to Psychology and Research Methods.

and on Saturday morning as early as 4am, a group of us including E7 and Calvin's friends went to Broga Hill. the climb was not as terrible as previous ones that i've done but it was still pretty taxing considering i haven't exercised in a million years. reached the peak around 7am? the view was nice. (:

then on Sunday, it was queuing day! to buy tickets for the JYJ Showcase happening on the 17th. wasn't an extremely long queue. so all was good. walked around Pavilion and Times Square after that. thanks, Chin Way for teman-ing me the whole day! ((:

on Tuesday aka today: Jill is in the house, ppl! LOL. she came down to KL to visit grandma.

we spent two hours in Meeples playing board games. I was severely traumatised by a game called Snorta! don't get the cockerel when you play this game.

this is about it for now. currently having my mid sem break, thus the freedom. going to sing karaoke tomorrow! heeh.

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