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Friday, October 29, 2010

i was thinking that the date sounded very familiar, went to facebook and ta-da! my suspicions were confirmed. its your birthdays! i dedicate this post to you two, both who are like my bestest friend ever! :DD

hm. i met her when i was in Form 1. she was already a very close friend of Michi and when we knew she was coming to MGS for her secondary years, the whole gang of us were looking forward to her. she was my deskmate in Form 1 and we had the greatest time ever! we sat right smack in the front of the class. and we were laughing about things and talking, of course. i specifically remember us laughing about Ms Loh's underskirt? and giggling every time someone mentioned the word 'thing'. ohh, those good ole days were the best.

and the years after are history. i really missed her when she left to college after form 5. we didn't meet up often after but before she left for India this year, we went out a couple of times. can i say we totally have chemistry? we are so similar in quite a number of ways. i don't know but sometimes there are just people you click with, ya know!

she's in India now, doing medicine. I MISHHH HER SOO MUCH! Hasy, you're the funniest, kindest, prettiest girlfriend and i couldn't ask for more. heeh. i sound dramatic. but you absolutely deserve it! i hope you had a great start to your 19th year of life. and i hope that the days from now on will be filled be with loads of fun, adventure, hugs and love! and not to forget, cute guys! ^^

ooh, Jenny and I go wayyy back. we have known each other since Std 5 and that was 9/10 years ago? i still remember calling her and we would have the longest conversations that lasts for hours. we can talk about anything from tv shows to homework to whatever that crosses our minds. and since Form 2, she has been my deskmate for 3 years. we can get on each others nerves like you have no idea but at the same time, we can get along like nobody's business too.

we went to form 6 together and that meant more time spent together. it was nice to have someone close by when we just started form 6. and we roughed that 1 1/2 years out. i would say that our characteristics are very different from each other but it think that's why our friendship have lasted this long and is still going on. we share similar hobbies, one of them, Kpop. and she reminds me of my sister in the way she occasionally irritates me 0.0 which explains why sometimes i call her Jill instead. keke. sorry!

Jenny is awesome. like AWESOME. you need to get to know her to know her awesomeness. and i pray that you will be blessed all your life and that your 19th year will be a year of great experiences, great adventures and a great time to grow, learn and have fun! God Bless!

this ends the birthday posts of two out of seven of the bestest girlfriends i ever had. (:

take care and love ya!

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