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my birthday wish list!
Monday, September 13, 2010
1. a Korean Handbook so that i could brush up on my Korean and understand my sis whenever she rambles on with her korean.

2. RINGS! cute ones, big ones, i like them all! :D

although i especially want a snake ring. saw one in Diva but it was too big. D:

3. Earrings. they are my second love in the Accessory List.

4. this is a bit more unattainable but yea, anything related to Kpop is good enough, official or otherwise. or free tickets to the Kpop Night or to Hangeng's Showcase in Spore.

5. good food? ^^

i could never write a good birthday wish list. when i decide to put them down, it doesn't seem like there's a lot. LOL. good news for you guys, right?

i've got stuff to do. goodnight! ((:
God bless!

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