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Malacca Melaka!
Saturday, September 11, 2010
was all about the food and fellowship. the people were Siew Min, Rachel, Serene, Mei Yen, Stephanie, me, Chin Way, David and Calvin.

Chicken Rice Balls!

DURIAN PUFFS! it was the dish of the day!

roadside decos.

started the journey at 7 on Friday morning. had a short karaoke singing session int he car before falling sleep. reached Melaka around 9 ish. had breakfast in some random shop cus we couldn't find the shop we wanted to go to. went off to Jonker's Street after that. had chicken rice balls for lunch. we were lucky because we didn't have to queue for a long time before getting a place. walked around. had durian puffs and durian cendol as dessert.

got to the apartment where we stayed. played Monopoly Deal while each of us took turns to bathe. went out for dinner in some place near the dataran. did snacks shopping in Carrrefour. went to Jonker's Street, got myself a handphone thingamajig. went off to eat sate celup for supper.

celebrated Rachel's 19th birthday for her when we got back to the apartment. played Wolf till 4am. oooh, i really liked playing it. its amusing. && woke up the next morning around 10am. had breakfast in Tengkara Food Court? which was the place we wanted to go to the day before.

reached KL around 3ish. decided to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D. its an okay movie. but i don't know why they don't want to just end it there. this is like the fourth installation already!

yea yea, post might sound dull cus i'm sleepy and kinda brain dead.

here's wishing everyone a Happy Raya!

and Davis wishes all of you a very good night and sweet dreams! :D


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