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Friday, September 17, 2010
lets summarise what's been happening since i went back to Ipoh, my beloved hometown. the moment i stepped down from the bus at 8pm, i was whisked away to this Malaysia Day Beach Party held in Lost World. it was my first time ever in a beach party and topless guys and girls in bikinis were everywhere! my sis and I just hung around, walked between the dancing crowd, listened to the DJs spinning their music and basically did nothing else. finally decided to leave about 1 am.

that was Wednesday. on Thursday, I woke up in the evening, was online till my mum came home. went out for dinner and did the dumbest thing ever. drank tea. conclusion, i have been awake for more than 24 hours. brain's a little mushy right now. Jill and I ended up on our laptops, watching Kpop stuff, chatting about everything from Kpop to boyfriends or the lack of and other random things that crossed our minds. around 7 in the morning, we decided to watch 500 Days of Summer. by the time the movie ended, mummy has woken up and a new day begins or in our case; continues.

first on the list, haircut! can you see the difference?
status: accomplished! my fringe has made its comeback! ^^

next up, shoe shopping! status: SUCCESSFUL. here is a little sneak peak of what we will be wearing to our uncle's wedding dinner.

and these are our newly begotten heels!

going off to bed now. at 7pm. sigh.

goodnight! (:

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