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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
blessing. that's what Rachel is to me. (:

met her 9 years ago when she passed PTS with me and we skipped Std 4 together. i have no idea how we met but i guess being in this small bunch of girls amidst the older std 5 kids made us stick together. somehow somewhere along the road, we just formed a friendship that lasted till now. ^^

what can i say about Rachel? i've always wished for hair like hers. she has the kind of hair that looks good messy. she used to be real quiet, i think. but you know what they say about still water running deep. shhh, but Rachel's is slightly crazy.

i envy her wit and her erm, clothes? and one thing i discovered lately is that she is a very focused person in her studies, something which i hopelessly fail at. *oooh, yellow fish!* er, ya. and she's awesome in every other way a person can be awesome at. heeh.

she's always been there for me, listening to me whine and complain about life and everything horrible in it. she worries about me and i feel so bad cus she's always on the receiving end. i should start reversing our roles. *__*

in conclusion, there is no one better than Rachel. well, kinda. there's the other 7 in our gang, you see. Rachel, stay the awesome pretty way you are. (:

생일 축하해!

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