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Thursday, August 19, 2010
this whole week has been kinda hectic. i have been going out nearly every night. classes have officially started but its not so intense yet because the lecturers are still giving their introductions. so we finish early most of the time. got a feeling that next week will be a whole lot different. *__*

my mum came down on Tuesday. we went for for a lil shopping and i got myself a bag. i think my mum is obsessed with getting me bags. heh. :D had dinner in Ole Ole Bali. and to think i was supposed to get thinner in KL.

Wednesday which was yesterday was awesome. I went to Jaeson Ma's Only Love concert. and it started off with a dance performance, then it was Praise&Worship session by the Star Park artistes. just to let you know, Star Park is made up of Malaysian Christian artistes. it was heartwarming and amazing to know that such thing exists. (:

and finally, the guest of the night, Pastor Jaeson Ma came out. we were actually sitted pretty far back but when he came out, we rushed to the front. to put it simply, it was new. the way he 'preached' was through songs and that's the new New now according to him. :D

go watch his MV for his single called LOVE. its an amazing song and its practically a sermon through a song. spread it around if you loved it. ;D

i really wanted to buy his album but i don't think its out yet. so i got the 1040 dvd instead. and he had a signing session where i got it signed and asked him to write it to kissme_1820. i don't think most of you know this but kissme_1820 is a Twitter prayer group consisting of me and my sister/friends and we pray mainly for Kpop stuff but of course, we pray for other important things too. we are also in some sort of collaboration with other fans' prayer groups.

we couldn't get a picture with Jaeson, so we took one instead with Caleb who actually sang the songs with him. shhh, but isn't he cute? :D

omo, i'm late for a movie. see ya later! (:
God bless!

this is my love.

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