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Sunday, August 15, 2010

introducing my new pet, Jack! yes, its a snail and fyi, it pees and poos like any other pets. +_+

other than that, my orientation at Sun U (that's short for Sunway University College) has ended. my intake only has 27 ppl. perhaps thats good news. time will tell. classes start next week which is also in two days time. i don't know what to expect because in a way, i still don't believe i'm here studying psychology in Sun U for real. the reality just hasn't sunk in yet. 0.0

a part of me is afraid that this can be taken away any time, *poof* disappear because the way i got here was just miraculous, so much so that it feels like a dream. but i guess it isn't and i'm gonna put my heart and soul into making this work. erm, also, i've went to Rachel's cell group meeting and church. and i'll be going for Jaeson Ma's concert next week.

people have been nice, always. which makes me feel bad. i should get to my driving soon. church earlier on was pretty awesome. sometimes I forget that God's love is unconditional. sometimes I forget that I already have all I need. sometimes I forget that He loves me. don't forget that, peeps.

this is about it. will blog more later.
take care and all the best for your exams! (:


the cross i see, that rugged tree
tells of Your mercy and grace

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