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Monday, August 09, 2010
yesterday was my last day at work. berat hati sangat to leave the place. although i've only been to work 13 times over the course of one and a half month, it has been a great learning experience especially with the animals. i can now tell a male tortoise from a female. :D

and i'm not afraid of snakes anymore! not that i was afraid in the first place, just reluctant. heh. i wouldn't mind getting a snake as a pet in the future. they're such calm creatures and having them wrapped around you makes you feel kinda peaceful, unless they're too heavy. then you'll just be suffocated. lol.

the animal keepers are really nice people too. always willing to answer whatever questions we have. and so friendly. and once again opened my eyes to the kindness in people. and also weirdly, to the perception that education is important especially to them who didn't get the chance to further their studies. every time its mentioned that I'll be leaving to study, they'll nod and agree that its important and wished they had the opportunity to do the same. some of the animal keepers over there are only in their early 20s and seemed like their planning to further their studies which is good news.

To Abang Raj, Abang Din, Abang Fizani, Abang Lan, Abang Ringo, Abang Tayalan, Abang Batman (who btw saw me walking to LWOT today and decided to tumpang me along :D), Uncle Mano, Kak Melissa (who's actually the same age as me) and this animal keeper guy who is kinda scary and never really talks but let me hold the ferret the other day (tak ingat dah nama dia. *__*), thank you for everything, for taking in a stranger and letting me have an experience that i'll probably never get again.

To Kak Laily, I'm sorry if I messed up anything and wasn't as useful. I hope the Junior Ranger programme would flourish under yours and Abang Lan's supervision. ((:

To the Junior Rangers who have actually gotten pretty warmed up to me and now that I have to leave, I feel kinda reluctant to leave them but i'm sure they'll have a great time in PZ without me. ^^ there's Shakir who was the first Junior Ranger I met on my first day of work, Raju who got used to me and started to tease me alot. there's Ramon who's talkative and would grow up to be a lady killer. Xiao Wei and Xiao Tong who are hyperactive-ish and likes to beat ppl up. the three sisters, Naomi, Nicole and Natalie. i still get confused between Nicole and Natalie. +_+ Kai Wen who's a really quiet girl. Qiao Jin and his sister, Hui Ping who are both great taekwondo ppl. there's also Teng wei and Qianci, Dennis and Jeffrey Chia, Rishi, Thinesh, Fiona who i've only met once, brothers Daniel and Danish, Jun Ming and also the brother and sister you see on the Petting Zoo posters. last but not least, Sammi who's my 'husband'. these are great kids, i pray that they will grow up to be great people.

ooh, and my farewell pressie is Raju, the tiger! my 원숭이 has a companion now. they'll be following me to KL! :D

once again, thanks everyone for this great memory! /sob. i miss you, Manja.

here's the link to my Lost World Petting Zoo album on FB. rawr!

oh, and in case no one knows yet, i'll be leaving to KL tmr because my psychology course in Sunway College University will be starting on the 12th. its a three year long course, so if anyone is nearby, we can go yum cha together or something.

God bless!

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