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beautiful hangover.
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jack died. my poor snail must have ate too much and died. )':

and trying to get to Carrefour by taking the bus to Klang and back is not a really good idea and a possible waste of time. at least the driver uncle did not charge me extra when i should have gone down at SDMC and not sit the bus all the way to Klang. +____+

at least, now i know where to get down. heeh. if i ever get over the fear of public transport in KL.

i've got homework and assignments and an essay topic to think of for my Eng to Psychology class.
what to write? 어떻게? D:

yay, holiday on Friday and next Tuesday.
my ptptn loan got approved, gotta go back home again to have mummy sign the papers. whee!

i'll be there.


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