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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
long post is long. be forewarned.

this morning started off early for me. most days just start in the afternoon really. was summoned by Dad and Aunty to clean/remove wanted and unwanted items in Popo Chen's house. we sold the house, you see.

and the thing about Popo's house is that they've been living in it for a long time. long time is equivalent to heaps of kitchenware/clothes/alcohol/electric bills and other random things piled up waiting to be sorted into the want, do not want and hey trash collector, take whatever you want pile. but because I was there too, there was a Joan's pile too. (:

and here's a little sneak peak into the life of the Chen family before I was born.

let me first introduce you my great-grandmother who passed away long before I existed. I found her passport. She was born in 1910 and this particular passport was issued in 1988 making her 78 years old at that time. to quote my dad, 'If she was alive now, she'd be a 100 years old.'

The badges below were collected by my father. there are some really random ones like Pamiran Sejarah Ipoh 1972, Second King's Cup Football Tournament in Bangkok 1989 and even school badges from SEK. Dato' Kamaruddin B. Kurau and Sam Tet! Do you recognise any of the badges below?

I don't think most people know this but I collect stamps. er, ya. not really out of interest but more to the unwillingness to throw them away. found a few stamp books that belonged to my dad and decided to might as well add them into my collection. never know when small little pieces of paper like this could make you some money after 50 years or so. ^^

while waiting for my stamps to gain some value, I managed to salvage RM 22.64 worth of coins from the house. whee.

aren't the boxes pretty? i have to admit i'm slightly obsessed with them. too bad two of the boxes are now occupied with letters and cards from various people to my grandparents. don't ask me why i'm even keeping them for her. i doubt my grandma wants/remembers them.

Other random things I found. A drawing of a horse. My grandfather's business card. My aunt's English exercise book. I don't understand what's going on in her exercise book though. phonetics? and did you know that we used to need to apply a license to own a television? yea, we do. the pink paper proves it. and a weirdly shaped key with the word 'Lucas' engraved on it.

more coins! from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and even Korea! there are also old Malaysian 1 cent coins. they're the square ones.

books i found in a drawer. and also if you look at the books at the far end right corner, those are my dad's diaries. :D he only wrote a few pages in them but still, they are very interesting reads.

BAGS! there's one that's made of crocodile skin and another made of kangaroo. and a few really nice clutches. i practically stole all the bags i found in Popo's room save two which weren't in their best condition.

this was my dad's driving license.

jewelry! they were the usual, brooches, necklaces, fake clip-on earrings, pendants. my dad found this white gold cross and he passed it to me. yay, finally one to replace my rusting cross. LOL.

not to forget, clothes. mostly cardigans.

after a whole day of going through envelopes and envelopes of newspaper cuttings, electric and water bills (there were as old as 1979, i don't even know why my grandma keeps them for such a long time), we gave the keys to the new owners, lugged all the things we want onto the car and headed for a well-deserved tea break of durians. :DD

and tomorrow is another day.

goodnight, everyone! God bless!

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