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Saturday, July 10, 2010

today was my first day of work in Lost World's petting zoo. but before i go on to the random kinda brilliant things that i did there, lets start from the AWESOME but unfortunately short breakfast me and my besties, Ju Dee, Thanush and HASY! had this morning.

happened at 8 in the morning. i was all drowsy and stuff. but finally meeting up with Hasy who's been MIA was just the much needed ingredient to wake me up. :D although it was short because helllooo, loads of catching up and the general girl talk takes a lot more than an hour *i had to leave for work. ):* but i think for 4 girls having breakfast at the corner shop in Canning Garden, we were a bit 미친. ^^

i was in such a rush that we didn't even get to snap a pic. hm, oh well, there's always next time. to Thanush who's starting her new semester, hope you'll have loads of fun and erm, suddenly all the short guys will grow taller? hehe.

okay, moving on to Lost World's petting zoo. was recommended to work there as a part timer during the weekends because there was only one lady who was handling all the Junior Rangers and i wonder how she did it because its really tiring. will elaborate later on how tiring it can get.

thanks to Ju Dee's driving skills, i reached Lost World in time. changed into my uniform (pic above) and went off to the Petting Zoo! there wasn't a lot of Junior Rangers today, about 8 of them came in the afternoon but its not bad. if a big bunch of them came and they are as hyperactive and 'friendly' as the two girls today, i might not have been able to blog this seeing i'll be dead and all.

children are incredibly scary. the quiet ones take some time to warm up, sometimes a little too late while the hyperactive ones take years off your age. i have to say, this is gonna be a challenging job and my poor feet are gonna suffer. part of my job description other than watching over the kids while they are in the petting zoo is that i also need to escort the rangers when they arrive or leave Lost World. the distance between the zoo and the entrance is further than average and just today, after i walked one out, i went back to the zoo and walked another one out. 0.0 not to forget, i'll be walking to work from my house and back too!

well, since its a petting zoo, i got to be around the animals. so far i've kinda made friends with Awang, the Medium Sulphur Cockatoo. he's still pretty reluctant to sit on my shoulder though. Kak Laily, the one who's in charge of the Junior Ranger programme and also the one i'm assisting held out Alex, one of the three African Grey Parrots they have there for me to hold. they've got really sharp claws btw.

Uncle Mano who is in charge of the birds in Bird Paradise called Jordan, the Golden Pheasant to his arm and transferred him over to mine while i was there. he then proceeded to place bird feed in my hands to feed Jordan. i can now safely say that it doesn't hurt when they're eating out of your hands although you can feel them nipping at your palm. LOL.

the most exciting part of the day though, was when one of the animal keepers took out the Reticulated Python to put it in the little stream in the middle of the petting zoo for a little swim. erm, prior to this event, the animal keeper dudes kinda found out that i wasn't very keen on touching the reptiles. i'm not exactly terrified of them, its just not something i would voluntarily do!

anyway, they were very eager to have me carry the python when they took it out. they practically cornered me and my back was actually facing them and i might have screamed a little but he (the guy who was holding the python) came up to me and kinda just looped it around me. it was a very heavy and big snake. even with just a quarter of its body on my arms, it was like carrying my school bag with all my text books inside.

they were afraid i was going to quit my job today itself. LOL. but everyone gotta face their fears one day. this is a good opportunity for me. (:

its a really nice place and i can see that they put a lot of effort into making the petting zoo a successful thing. plus the fresh air's good for health. come visit if you haven't. cheh, first day of work only, starting to promote already pulak. :D

looking forward to tomorrow.

have a happy Sunday, everyone!

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