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Wednesday, May 12, 2010
i want to blog. really. but there doesn't seem to be anything inspirational to blog about. a lot on my mind as is with anyone who has time and nothing much to do but none of them that concludes to anything. so till my brain makes some kind of sense and i remember them long enough to type em all down, you're gonna get a where-did-I-go-what-did-I-do kinda post. :D

anyway, I'm back in Ipoh till I leave again. my grandma's here too, in some nursing home in Canning Garden and she's as okay as she could be.

other than that, Singapore was a good experience. I do miss it a tiny little bit. the transport system there was good and coming back here makes me feel trapped and what little good-looking guys here, i can't even see cus erm, hellooo, i'm stuck at home. not that the good-looking guys matter, i've got plenty online. :D i've mentioned that being in SG was a blessing. now i'm thinking more than a blessing, it was God showing me a dose of reality, of what's outside and how i need to snap out of my naivety. although my job didn't last as long as i needed, it was a good lesson and meeting strangers and making friends always makes me believe in the good of people rather than seeing wolves and snakes and just what everyone says as the big bad world.

coming back here also means that I need to get my driving license and I'm so reluctant about it because I believe I've forgotten everything about parking or reversing or going up a slope or even just pressing the clutch to change gear. *cries* I really don't want to but that's just my selfish self thinking. note: selfish self does not appear often. so ya. you'll be seeing me on the roads soon. but please, if you see me, ignore me. it'll do both of us good. *think honk! honk! waves. BANG* D:

i need to wake up early tomorrow to spring clean and watch BONAMANA. (google it if you don't know what it means)

Goodnight. (:

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