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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
was gonna do another post but since its Jia Wei's birthday tmr *look Jia Wei, a post all about you!* this is for you, my blur friend. :D

lets see. I first met him on 11th May 2008. How? I have no idea. through CF? idk. doesn't matter. what matters is that he's a great friend. we were in the same class, then we were transferred to AE together. i remember once where we got scolded by Pn Kwan during Maths for talking to each other. D: and we are always the sleeping ones during class. we do have quite a few things in common, no?

although i only got to know him better the next year when he was sitting behind me, we shared some happy and occasionally weird times together. In CF, in ping pong :D, some random KPOP moments :33 and especially during my daily girl talk with Urrsula which ends up with us turning to the back and asking for his and Jian Wei's opinions (or was it more to like asking them to listen to us? LOL).

Jia Wei can be all blur like but he's actually storing information in his head. BEWARE! you might not know what he knows. however you might also know what he doesn't. XD

okay, i'm such a fail at this. the conclusion is HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY, JIA WEI! *see, i didn't forget!* and may God bless you in everything you do! May you continue to shine His light and be a great man of God!

i've heard that friends made during Form 6 can should will kinda last forever. and i think that's kinda true! ^^

영원히 친구!

p.s sorry, Dinesh for cropping you out. :P


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