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Sunday, April 04, 2010
Went for City Harvest Church's Easter service today in Spore Expo. there were loads of people queuing up to get into the hall as if we were attending some sort of concert. D: the Easter production was really good, the acting was good, the props were amazing; there were angels on wires flying down in one of the scene and overall, it was the best production i've seen. (:

met more friends, more brothers and sisters in Christ which is brilliant for me. idk, this is gonna sound weird but i just feel like i've seen them before, these people i've been meeting. like they were faces in my dreams that i just can't identify and now that i meet them, they feel familiar to me? gosh, this sounds spooooky. LOL. but its a good thing. maybe its because of the way i'm not as awkward with people as i used to be. *grins*

after the service, went off to Bedok for lunch/tea. we had some fellowship time and i was trying to remember names. *_*

A HOLLER TO Samantha, Yvonne, Ya Pei, Jung Chin aka JC, Jah Yung, Ching Seng and Michelle whom i met in last week's church service who is an ex-MGSian and she had Cik Laila for Moral and Mr Cheang for Maths like me. :D i think i'm missing some people though. *_* SORRY. let me know?

hm. that's bout it for this beautiful Sunday.
having an off day tmr, gonna be enjoying it.

HAPPY EASTER everyone!

for He loved

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