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Monday, March 08, 2010
First off, HAPPY 64th BIRTHDAY to 할머니!
&& to my new found friends, 반갑습니다!

had a great time with Carol, Editha, Lawrence, the two Leonards and Hugh in East Coast Park. reminds me that i do need to exercise more. *__*

it was a blessing to have met them. ((:

after the cycling, some lame jokes that i still don't get and playing cards while waiting for time to pass, we consisting of me, Lawrence and Leonard headed over to Suntec City, had dinner and then dashed across to Victoria Concert hall to watch 'The Voice of Life' presented by the NTU CAC Choir. it was my first time watching a choir so i can't really comment.

met another bunch of friends after the concert ended. didn't really got all their names but it was another great bunch of ppl from NTU, all studying various courses. it was enlightening for me to hear them talk bout uni life. i think i got to understand a little of uni life here in Spore.

all in all, Friday was a great day for me.
and now, i'm just waiting to get home. *GRINS*

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