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Monday, March 15, 2010
the weekend was eventful.

Sat: learned how to park and am still a little confused about my steering. had dinner and movie with Weng Kit later in the day. watched Under The Mountain which was interesting to say the least. "I shall observe you to die." LOL.

Sun: woke up early because there were loads of things to do. went to buy the train tickets to KL first because if you ain't know yet, SUJU IS HAVING THEIR CONCERT THIS SATURDAY! had chee cheong fun for brunch which is something i'm gonna miss when i go back to Spore. went shopping in Parade. *I GOT YELLOW SHOES!* it was very successful shopping. :DD

watched Alice in Wonderland in the afternoon with Kris, Jo and my sis. it was not awesome as everyone thought it would be? rushed to Change Your World after that. met up with lots of friends whom i've dearly missed. can't believe i'm never going back to school. D:

i miss em already!

picture above known as Awesome Sunday.

Mon aka today: woke up early again D: to go back to school to certify stuff. had lunch with Jenny, Weng Kit and Jia Wei in old town. went to Parade for a while because we had nothing to do? met up with Kei Jun and Esther in school and Kei Jun who is currently a K-drama addict copied his 'You're Beautiful' and 'My Fair Lady' over to my laptop which was so very kind of him. i think i owe him a cup of Starbucks. :D now, the problem is how am i gonna bring those over to Spore. -.-

will be waking up at 6.30am tmr because driving starts at 7 something. sigh.

Goodnight, peeps!

p.s check this site if you love shopping and clothes and is currently in Aussie. they have pweety clothes, i must say.

till who i see in me is You

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