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Monday, February 08, 2010
ahh. my off days are over but i'm still so tired.

sunday. went to Chinatown. after breakfast which was awesome-ish cus there was raw fish and my mum would have totally loved that, we went to this rectangle temple that supposedly keeps one of Buddha's tooth inside. as i was walking inside looking around, the security guard comes and motions me to follow him. he asked me to put on a sarong and a scarf. =.= i was wearing shorts and a sleeveless top you see. apparently too much skin was revealed. the temple was pretty small so we finished fast and i had to walk back to the front to give back the sarong and scarf and walk from the outside to the back where my uncle and his family are waiting. i was pretty much speechless that whole 20 minutes or so. >< style="font-weight: bold;">

monday aka today. went for medical checkup. waited for 3 hours. uncle who jabbed the needle in my hand was a pro. did not hurt a single bit. wanted to look around for a place to sit down and go online but everywhere seemed intimidating. so i ended up going back home.

an embarrassing thing happened the other day. as you might now, my mandarin is horribly limited. there was an 8 year old girl who was left in the shop while waiting for her mother to come back from changing her little sister's diapers. so she hung around and talked to me. really cute girl and pretty smart too cus she figured out i suck at mandarin after speaking to me. i thought i didn't make any mistakes but i guess i was wrong. when her grandmother came in, she pointed at me and said in mandarin "she doesn't know how to speak mandarin." and pointed to her grandma and said "she doesn't know how to speak english." which was her way of implying that we're in the same boat. i was pretty much mystified when she said that. obviously, my mandarin needs a lot of polishing. i sincerely thought i spoke pretty okay.

well, i gotta hit the bed. goodnight!

Tarzan, the monkey man is sitting on a rubber band.
'Pop' goes the rubber band. What colour is his underpants?

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