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Wednesday, January 06, 2010
What can i say about the new year except that i am 6 days late in blogging about it? The new year started off as it had every other year; weirdly. i wonder what that says about 2010 for me? not much, i think.

its been a tiring holiday for me, amazingly. unlike some, i have not reached the holidays-is-rotting-my-bones stage yet. i'm a bit thankful for that. :D i would like some rotting time that is if my laptop will ever give me its time of the day and be nice for a while. its time to visit the doctors, it seems. *sigh*

okay, i've blogged about my KL tip and Spore trip. pictures are in my FB. what else are there? ipoh stuff have been hectic too. the moment i stepped down from the bus after coming back from Spore, i went off to Alex's Christmas party which was awesome because i didn't know it but i've really missed my friends and i got to catch up on so many exciting things *ahemdinesh&kityinahem* that happened.

had a movie day, went to watch Avatar. for a 2 hours 45 minutes movie, it was not a boring movie. in fact, it was quite touching and entertaining. did my 5 hours kursus pemandu thing which was okay cus the speakers were nice to listen to? i was stuck in the first table right smack in front of the speakers. no nap time for me. ):

then it was new year's and we celebrated if that was even what it was called since we did not even realise that it was 12 until about a minute later. our last day of 2009 was spent in McD. i hope that doesn't indicate anything about me going on some fast food craze and adding on 10 more kg or something cus that would make 2010 a very bad year. LOL.

On the 5th of January, my dearest girlfriend, Kavitha turned 20 making her officially the oldest in my gang of friends. oh yeah, she's definitely the Amma of our group. :DD hope she had a great birthday.

i've made no new year resolutions seeing the history i have with them have not been very successful. what i could only pray and hope this year is to learn from my past mistakes and be the girl God wants me to be. (:

its been warm lately, drink lots of water.
God bless and have fun in school!

i guess, we can only hope that we'll age like wine.
the older, the better.

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