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Saturday, August 08, 2009
friday was an entertaining day for me. (:
i got to watch jenny and jeet-jeet have their battle of sarcasm, ju dee's attempts at resisting temptation and dress/white shirt shopping!

it was also our last outing with jeet-jeet before she leaves for Indonesia. sob sob.

after the outing, ju dee fetched me back to school for GBP farewell where i ate a lot and was really full. watched Kenneth and Dinesh do their weird breakdancing thing. it wasn't really weird, just hilarious, to me. they were really cute though. and Beh was AWESOME. she was like 'shawty fire burning on the dance floor!' LOLLOL. && i apologise for being shy(?) cus things like that only happen in my head, not in reality, unfortunately. xDD

other pics include BB Primer's Farewell.

and Recyclathon but this one is with the 1 Malaysia thing. lol.

now, this is our record breaking recyclable cans at the back of us.

this it. got to go for youth.
God Bless!

maybe three seconds is enough for my heart to quit it. maybe not.

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