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Sunday, August 16, 2009
Just random pictures cus i have nothing much to blog about. Thought of updating cus wow, i haven't blogged in a week! well, its a good thing. (:

the week has been normal, to say the least. weekends has been hectic-ish. went out with Wui Yarn, Huey Yii and her very 'high' friends on Friday. it was another farewell outing cus Wui Yarn's leaving for US in 2 weeks. ):

skipped school on saturday. went to church at 2pm for church anniversary practice. which means today we went for sunday service. was kinda scary. i don't think my "God brings growth" was convincing enough.

so yeshhh, this was my whole week. trials is coming up, in 2 weeks time actually. prayers are very much appreciated cus God knows i need a lot right now.

okay, now on to the pics!

Ex-presidents and one sesat-ed fella.

Balakarthik's surprise birthday party.

some random Thursday where Boon Hooi decided take pics of me and Beh playing pong. oh, its not some random Thursday. it was the 7th of May. gosh, that was a looooong time ago.

AVA 1, ACS Library.

Huey Yii, Wui Yarn, mua.

till the next time. Goodnight!
God Bless! take care!

i've never known better and i'll never know better.


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