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Monday, July 13, 2009
soo, i changed it. (:

i just realised this blog layout doesn't have titles. lol.

i think i'm gonna change it again. but i'll keep this for a while cus its CUTE!
its time to have more colours on my blog. although the next layout i found is not that colourful. hm. might search for more if i've got the time which i actually don't.

this needs to be mentioned. the underwears hanging oppsite my balcony's ANNOYING. and what kind of guys wear bright red underwear? sigh.

plus if anyone finds the font too small, lemme know. i'll change em.
and why the dot is Prison Break still going on? i thought with the fella dead, it'll end. IT DIDN'T! aish.

another two more papers tmr. Maths and Bio.
currently doing the deco for the High Praise this Fri.
y'all coming right?
you better. *squints at YOU*

anyway, a MAJOR news.
MUET results are out.
i got

good? bad? i dunno.
but i do know i am very very grateful. thankful. cus i was just 3 marks away from a Band 4.
i thank God so so much. He's awesome.

don't think i'll be retaking. some of them are. should i? but why right?
lol. i gotta think about it.
any of you got suggestions?

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