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Monday, July 06, 2009
sunday was a day that must be blogged about. cus it was awesome. like duhhh.

BB State Carnival was an eye opener. never knew we had a band or that fancy drill is done like that. i'm really grateful i got this chance to attend this event.

started off with games. was in team building. me and jenny were the oldest in our group. lol. had 3 games. we were on chairs. we were nearly falling off the chairs. we nearly broke some chairs. everything we did were with chairs except the last one which was more to heads than chairs. :D

we had fun and fellowship which was the main point of the whole event. ahhh, i wanted to get my group members email or something but i had to leave early. the girls looked so smart with their uniforms and badges. blehhh. i was so envious, complaining half the time to Jenny bout it. if i could reverse time, i wanna go to a school that has BB Girls' Wing. yaaa, that's how envious i am of them.

after lunch, it was GOH and the band and the fancy drill. after that, it was the praise & worship and the sharing. Thank God i didn't get a nervous breakdown during p&w. that was like the FIRST time i was ever on stage in front of like 200 ppl? singing! king ken seemed to be even more nervous than me. but we did good, i think. kinda sad though cus that's the first and last time i get to do it. ):

after that, we went over to Kavitha's house to give a surprise party to her brother. they played the poison box and i got proposed to. turned as red as a tomato. LOL.

no pics yet. will try to find em.

will be going off to mum's Rotary meeting.

goodnight and God Bless!

hear the singing fill the air.


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