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Monday, July 20, 2009
to kinda summarize the pics you see below.

High Praise 09 was a success. there were ppl that accepted Christ that night and i believe most of them were from ACS. *claphands* the praise and worship session was awesome. its been quite a while since i had a good one. lol. i think some of my friends were shocked to see me so high that night. they obviously don't know me that well? ;DD

then it was BB AGM on Sat. i'm worried. i always am, so that's sorted i guess. i could only pray the new board will work well together and Primer Section could grow even more. it was also farewell for the seniors which means there were horrible things like asking the presidents to do moonwalk and having us feed each other cake blindfolded. it did mean a lot of cleaning up for the new excos though. lol. Pravinan, you're so gonna get it next year. but their erm, HSM dance was adorable. 0.0

the third pic of the small cake. the cake's from Indulgence. my mum had a friend who belanja-ed her dinner there on Sat night. so my mum so kindly brought us back a lil souvenir. it tastes quite good, i think.

Sunday morning. went out to JJ to meet up with Rachel and Jenny. i apologise to Rachel if we were too caught up in all the school politics and what not me and Jenny were blabbing about. lol. its a busy time in school currently. we just sat around and talk. old times, old times. (:

school stuff reminds me of all the AGMs i'm gonna have this week. gonna have to split myself in three this Friday for all the AGMs. eek.

*mumbles to self, let go, its time to let go*

You never leave someone behind, you take a part of them with you and leave a part of yourself behind.

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