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Pangkor 09. Day 1.
Thursday, June 04, 2009
it all started on a Monday morning, to be precise at 8.30am.
16 of us took the public bus and left for Lumut and from there, we took the ferry over to Pulau Pangkor.

we had an expensive chicken rice lunch after we arrived somewhere in town.

on our way to the resort, we had this rollercoaster ride up and down the road. the driver could tell we were so excited about it cus we kept ooh-ing and ahh-ing. after we reached our resort, we immediately went out looking for activities to do. and it was a small tour around Teluk Nipah and snorkeling.

the others were on a big boat while five of us, me, Jenny, Yi Wen, Sum and Hong were in this small sampan. it was fun and slightly dangerous but the guide was a friendly dude.

does the rock look like a whale to you?
there were two other rocks, one looked like a croc and the other like a turtle.
the pics are in FB if you're interested.

this is the snorkeling area they brought us too. not much fishes or corals, so we ended spending our hour there just floating around in our life jackets. after the snorkeling, we decided to hang out on the beach playing Frisbee and building sandcastles.

we also decided to bury Kavitha who then rose from the dead. xD

when it was nearing dinner time, we headed back to clean up.

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