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Night of Day 1 and Day 2.
Wednesday, June 03, 2009

after all the tiring activities, we went and have ourselves a good dinner.
the food was worth its money and we all watched '10 Brothers' while we were there. LOL.

then, we went back to the beach and had a lil sharing and sang some songs. after that, we walked around and did our souvenir shopping. around 11pm i think, we went back to the resort to play blackjack. it was scary. i lost the first round and was punished to eat dorayaki. but everyone ended up eating it anyway cus Edwin who was the banker won or something like that. i'm not too sure of the rules. and since everyone ate the dorayakis, another form of punishment was thought out. which was push ups for the guys and pumping for the girls. finally we ended the game with Kah Loon and Edwin belanja-ing us ikan bakar. ;D

the girls and our bandanas.

well, after our supper, we went off to bed. however before that, a few of us said we would wake up at 4am to see the sunrise. unfortunately, i was one of them. to cut the long story short, we woke up at 4am, walked back and forth between the resort and the beach just to realise the sun's not rising on our side and went back to bed at 6am dissapointed and exhausted.

the next morning, we had devotion on the beach where we saw some hornbills in the nearby tree. after devotion and breakfast, we went kayaking. i'm having muscle aches from that now. didn't take any pics. we were all to absorbed in enjoying ourselves. after one hour of kayaking, all of us stayed at the beach and erm, floated around till it was time to go.

this is Pei Qin, me and Andrew on the ferry on our way back.
they're more pics cus we were on this crazy taking pictures spree but they're not uploaded yet.

overall, i feel that this was a succesful trip. i had lots of fun and i'm just really grateful that everything went well. noone got hurt or sick or lost. the fellowship was good and i think everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank God for watching over us through this whole thing and for giving me the strength and guidance to organise this. i really miss the little group we were. ((:

this it. goodnight.

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