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Monday, June 15, 2009
haven't been blogging in awhile, have i? sorrylaaa, takde mood. everytime i come online, i open the page and close it back after leaving it there for like hours. x/

the two weeks holidays were fun and relaxing but unfortunately, its back to reality and back to school. half a year gone just like that, its time to hit the books and pray i won't go crazy from it.

btw, i can't believe i forgot to mention what happened last Wednesday night. lol. it was nothing much really. my stepmum and elder sis decided to take me clubbing. so we headed down to Euphoria. it was Ladies' Night, so it was free entrance for us. but cus it was a Wed night which means it was pretty quiet. there only a few ppl there and we left in about an hour's time cus my sis wasn't feeling well. overall, it was an experience i might remember. lol. all i know is that it was loud and dark and blinding at certain points.

aish, Prison Break's so confusing.

these two weeks are gonna be hectic. there are as usual, tons of things to worry about. again.

oh ya, anyone who was going for starwalk but not interested in it anymore? i have a friend who wants to go but didn't pass up his form. forgetful fella. anyway, if you don't wanna go, then he wants to take your place. (:

that's bout it so far. most probably won't be blogging as much cus my mum imposed a curfew on my laptop. D:

goodnight. hope ya'll will enjoy the new school semester cus i know i won't.

lips dry ; heart on fire

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