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Thursday, June 25, 2009
i'm hungry. ):

aish, speaking of food, yesterday was a good day for my tummy. (:

daddy came down to Ipoh, asked us whether we wanted to go for dinner with him. although we did end up sitting in the car for an hour while waiting for him to finish with his dealer, ahh, it was worth it.

wanna know why?

cus when my dad comes down to ipoh and its durian season, it always means there's gonna be a durian feast! lol. yea, so after waiting in the cold car, we headed off to the durian place and had our fill. thinking bout it now makes me happy and even more hungrier. ==

after that, we decided to have 'ngah choi kei' in town at the direct translation old wong street. wow, eventhough it was a wednesday night, it was still packed. we couldn't finish all the food in the end and had to pack back. i have a feeling i will be having it for dinner later. wah, happy-nya.

have been craving for good food. so yesterday was a very good dinner for me. lol.
wonder when the next time will be? maybe tmr? cus daddy's bringing us to see grandma.
wahahaha. i am so getting fat. not that i'm not already. bleh.

ooh, dinner's done.


its emotion.

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