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Monday, June 22, 2009
many many things have happened this past week. starting off from the registration for clubs and societies for the lower sixers. 26 signed up for Primers. a much better improvement than last year's. C:

Career Exhibition on Thursday. Jenny was very frustrated over that. LOL. or actually at someone over that. i'm glad we don't have to face her anymore nor do anyone from form 6 since Kelab Kerjaya is abolished.

Thursday night was Korean Praise night in Wesley. it was also my mum's birthday. eek.
this was taken with the lead singer he's cute of the IBIG band. it was a good night and they were marvelous singers.

then on Friday, Jill went for the ballet thing. me and my mum sneaked in around 10 plus to watch. it was a very long-winded show. LOL. not my cup of tea.

Saturday. Olympiad Maths. horrible. really. horrible. missed my first Primers meeting with the lower sixers. haih. i feel bad. hopefully will get to meet with em soon. very grateful that the turn out was good. just praying that the members will be consistent and cooperative.

Sunday morning. STARWALK! 10 km of walking is killing me. my muscles ache everywhere. but at least, we got our cert. Jenny was very enthusiastic bout it and with Beh, they became our motivation to continue walking like there's no tomorrow.

went to SMC after that. Family Day, i think.
had lunch, went home and crashed on the bed for the next few hours.

its still a long list of activities from now on.
interviews, meetings, clearing up the files, BB State event, school on saturday.
ahhhh. its never-ending.

i gtg. things await me. loool.

have a good day tmr. (:

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