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All i have are words to take your heart away.
pockets of happiness.. and sore throat.
Saturday, May 02, 2009
i finally got my durians! *GRINS*
bumped into hong when i was buying it.
its not just a small world, its a durian loving world. ;)

got sunburnt from spending 2 and a half hours counting plants under the sun and getting cut by creepy thorny plants.
but at least we're done with our ecology project. most of it anyway.

was suppose to meet up with the gang tmr. but that plan didn't fall thru. sigh.
i miss my peeps. D:
facebook is awesome though especially the message thread.

shoulders' starting to hurt. my cue to leave.
goodnight. have a nice weekend.

i found two new crushes. *beams*
baby, my love is heavy weight, everyday.

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