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Sunday, May 31, 2009
i'm booked solid for the holidays. amazing.

i wasn't looking forward to the hols. according to Jie Han, i was suffering from Post Exam Syndrome. i'm better now, i think despite being booked solid. ==

to summarize the events that are coming up, i have a Pangkor Trip, going down to KL and somewhere in between is trying to finish up my assignments for the Voyager mag, going back to school to do something with the tin cans and meeting up with friends. and somewhere in between the somewhere in between, i gotta find time to study and revise. my two weeks gone *poof* just like that.

if there is one power that i'd wish for, its for the ability to not need sleep so that i have more time to do everything.

i think i have not mentioned this enough so here goes: GOD IS AWESOME. AMAZING. MARVELOUS. and the list continues. He is simply the best thing that happened to my life. :D

oh oh. i got my NS letter by Pos Laju the other day. now i gotta do the penangguhan thing. aish. so troublesome.

and this morning, the Interactors and Scout Div 2 went to visit Precious Gift Home. it was surprisingly a really fun time with the kids. i'm glad we were able to play with them and make them happy even for just a few hours. i hope we'll be able to see them again, especially Christopher, a lil boy who likes BK more than me. lol.

i'll be on my way to Pangkor tmr. so err, i'll update whenever i could.

gotta sleep. goodnight.


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