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Sunday, May 24, 2009
i have finally recalled a certain things i could blog about although its currently 3:46am.
yes yes, its late (or early) but i had a really long nap this afternoon. *rolls eyes*
soo, i'll start with the birthdays boys.

on the 17th May, Lee Hom turned 33.

one day after, on the 18th, Taeyang turned 21!

and that ends my belated birthday wishes. ;D

exams unfortunately have not ended for me. gonna be having bio and pa on monday and tuesday respectively.
i believe i've already screwed the rest of my papers up. so ya, thats not a good thing. bleh.

erm. oh ya. this is another belated news.
Congrats, Kris for being the next American Idol.
okay, i actually didn't hope for him to win. if you haven't realised these past few years,
most of the singers on AI that didn't win have made it bigger compared to the winner.
i'm sure some of you share my sentiments. thus i wasn't as happy when Kris won.
but maybe this time it'll be different. maybe this time they'll both make it big.
hopefully, cus i sure wanna see more of Kris. (:

can't wait for exams to end. gonna be going on some crazed movie marathon.
can you believe how many movies are coming out these 2 or 3 months.
examples: Terminator Salvation, Monsters VS Aliens, Angels & Demons, Push, Night At The Museum 2.
what else am i missing?
oh ya, Transformer should be coming soon and not to mention Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince.
aish, i'm gonna be so broke.

okay. i'm gonna ciao. but before i do, here's a really cool song titled Holla Lujah by this dude called Aprentiz.
you can find out more about his songs here.

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p.s i don't think i've seen a guy wear eyeliner that good and be so in love with him.
and no, i'm not talking about Adam Lambert.

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