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Wednesday, April 01, 2009
i've been absent for a while, haven't i? all because of dear Mango. why? cuz the few times she's escaped from her cage, she's been chewing on the telephone line. one day all of a sudden, i couldn't connect to the Internet, thought lightning struck the modem or something. the next day, my mum was sweeping the floor and saw our telephone line bitten right through. sigh. then, we went to get a new telephone line. for the first two hours, it worked. suddenly, the telekom ppl called cus before this we made a report. after the call, the line was gone again. even my hse phone had no sound. bla bla bla. ended up having to buy a new modem. cost us bout RM300. all Mango's fault. =.=

haven't been up to much lately or would that be an understatement? lol.

had Enrolment Sunday on duh, Sunday. been selling tickets for the play during school recess, making me go around school looking for Dr. K. seriously, we should have some kind of tracking system. the school's so big and you expect two person to go looking around for one guy?!

science week is coming up. have to worry bout the opening ceremony and stuff. got to deal with the Voyager mag & BB's non-existent trip. and today, i became the leader for our Bio project on ecology. blah. anyone can recommend a good patch of place where there are at least 8 species of plants there?

its late, as usual. gtg.
Happy April Fool's Day! (;


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