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Thursday, April 16, 2009
okay. MUET. was horrible. sigh. yesterday we had reading, writing and listening. then we had speaking today. reading was okay-ish. there were a couple of close answers and all but hopefully i didn't get that many wrong. writing was sucky due to the limited time. i really feel that if we were given even just half an hour longer, we could have written much better. the title for the essay was about whether men or women make better parents. now the title is a bit biased and sexist, no? and listening ><" i don't like their voices or accent. they're annoying. lol. and today.. speaking. about Malaysia's greatest achievement. A = educational opportunities B (which is me) = modern transport system C = Malaysian made products D = famous national landmarks task A was fine, not good but boleh la. task B was incredibly awkward. my candidate C would not utter a single word, not a single sound came out of his mouth. we prompted him loads of time and he just gives a small smile and shakes his head. gah. i simply don't understand why. is it that hard to say "no, i do not agree with you. in my opinion, ..." ishhhh. he better talk during the real one. we'll be having intensive lessons next week cus the real MUET is next Sat. *screams again* oooh, tomorrow is ACS' Canteen Day. the prefects get to wear shirt and jeans and sports shoes to school while we normal students have to wear school uniforms. how unfair. plus the Postal BK Quiz is tmr too. eek. i gotta go study now. goodnight.

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