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tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow..
Friday, April 24, 2009
the pink pics will come soon. i need to compile them first
and i am finding great pleasure in doing it. lol.

in Yoon Keat's small diary book, on the page dated 18 August,
it is written in black ink: Joan's BF's ♥ Birthday.

How's Kwon Ji Yong today?
He's good. Thanks for asking. (:

this is a really good book. although i think it'll be really hard for you to find it anywhere.

it'll be a battlefield tomorrow. and its one that doesn't stop when tomorrow stops but continues until the end of the year. and in between, sacrifices will have to be made whether in favour or not, a million things that have to be done or finalised and maybe, maybe in between all these, my brain will return to me.

btw, brain or brains?
oriented or orientated?

anyway, my time is up.
oh oh, before i go, please pray that there will be no mice on sale
so that i don't have to dissect em next week. thanks! xD

goodnight. have a nice weekend!

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