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Thursday, April 23, 2009
i'll post up pictures as evidence of my title in another post. maybe tmr.

but now, i have to post this real quick cus as always my sister wants her turn on the lap. lol.

Edwin got a new car. (: a Hyundai, i think.

MUET's this saturday and i'm gonna be memorizing my dictionary. no, it doesn't help.
there's nothing i can do about it actually except pray that my brain doesn't shut down that day and i could write at least a band 5 essay in one hour time.

i desperately need a crash course in chemistry. not that it'll help either.
i'm too far gone to be saved.

The search menage a trois may return sexually explicit content.
LOLLOL. i am so sorry, i'm kinda obssessed with that word lately. please don't report me. :DD

science week sucks. :( not in an entirely bad way, but in a non-successful way.
i guess i hoped for more?

both my watches went cuckoo.
one of them is my dad's Tag Heuer, albeit it is pretty old already.

i better move (quoted from Andrew :D).

*i'd appreciate prayers in regard to my upcoming MUET. (: thanks.

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