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Monday, April 13, 2009
lets start from Saturday. went to school for my duty in my school uniform. bleh. felt weird to wear my uniform at night. anyway, the programme booklet sales weren't that good cus apparently they sold out on friday. but thanks to ppl like Bryan who is very nice and kinda got tricked into buying two, the sales were kinda okay, i think. ((:

went to watch the drama today. it was okay-ish? i kept smiling to myself the whole time for various reasons. the singing were really good. and i still had to help sell the books today, not that any got sold. lol.

april's such a hectic month. one drama down, many more others to go. for example, MUET trials on Wed, canteen day on Fri, science week which is next week. haih.

i gtg sleep. ><

night. and Happy Easter! (belated)

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